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HP Storage Works X510 DataVault

New Product: The HP X510 Data Vault.

HP’s latest storage solution! This product delivers all the simplicity and efficiency you desire in your IT infrastructure without the IT department!!!!

HP announces the release of a new Data Storage Solution geared to the small business and home user. With a price point below $1000 HP’s new X510 Data Vault is ideal for Small Businesses that don’t have an IT staff. It supports upto 10 PC’s or Mac’s and is accessible via wireless connection through your local network and provides up to 6.5TB of storage.

HP also provides you with a 1 Year remote access contract with TZO.com. This allows you to access your data via a secure personalized URL.

The X510 Data Vault uses Windows Home Server a package that is designed for users who don’t want to rely on “Professional” IT support or have a complicated IT infrastructure.

This product is ideal for home and small business users with up to 10 PC’s or Mac’s that allows for centralized storage of files, automatic back-up and the sharing of files. “Store It, Secure It! Share It!”

The X510 does everything that you could want out of a data storage package.

  • It Safeguards your data easily and cost effectively
  • Lets you share data remotely or locally
  • Delivers Complete system protection, including OS and all software and files
  • Secures data in a centralized location with multiple codes
  • Automatic backup of data
  • Comes from a reliable manufacturer with a warranty

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