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Get your Customized Lanyards from Idstore.tapeandmedia.com

Branded items are used to promote your brand, event, or concert or for your employees. It is a tried and true way to promote your brand. For years people have used pens, badges, shirts, lanyards and a multitude of other objects as a way to get their name out. From uses as give away items to clients and customers to using them internally everyone has seen these items in circulation. Lanyards can be custom made to display your brand. There are many options as to the quality and type of lanyard you choose and we are going to explain the difference!

Lanyards can be customized using these three processes. They can be Silk Screened, printed on using Dye Sublimation and Woven. Silk Screening is the least expensive way to get your name on your lanyard. This is done using a machine process that applies a design to the surface of the lanyards fabric, it does tend to fade over time. Silk Screening is perfect for events that are going to be short where the end user would only wear it for a specific event, trade show or concert. Dye Sublimation is a process by which the lanyard’s fabric is dyed. It is a longer lasting way to put your brand on the lanyard, but it will also fade over time, not as quickly as silk screening. The best way to produce a custom lanyard is using different color woven fabric to make your custom logo. Woven lanyards are washable and long lasting, perfect for long term use in any environment.

Lanyards also com in four different widths: 3/8thinch, 5/8th inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch. A wider lanyard is more durable and stronger with the most visibility. They also offer “breakaway clasps” for safety around machines that a lanyard may inadvertently get caught in so that the wearer will lose the lanyard before anything else!

Customized logos can be easily incorporated into the lanyard. The lanyard itself can be 12 different colors. They can be further customized by choosing the clasp you attach your key, ID card, or photo to, clasp options are sewn on, metal, plastic and a detachable clasp.

Lanyards are an easy, fun way to promote you brand. They are easy to customize and come in wide range of design materials. The process of customization is flexible, simple and quick. To learn more about Custom Lanyards visit idstore.tapeandmedia.com.

Securely Control and Monitor Your Site Access with HID Prox Cards

Using HID Proximity card technology has kept our business safe and secure for the last few years. It offers exactly what we need as a business to securely control and access our facilities. It is simple to use, just wave the card in front of a magnetic reader! It is also small and easily stored in our employees wallets and/or purses. I want to take some time to talk to you about the different types of HID proximity devises and discuss their similarities and differences.

HID proximity cards can be an integral part of any secure facility. It allows for controlled access for employees and the ability to restrict access to employees and visitors to restricted areas. This is done using a central computer system that is designed to recognize what card the magnetic reader is reading. I then gains access to a database that tells it to allow/disallow entrance to the area. Every Proximity Cards have and a micro chip that is programmed to contain and track various types of information. Every device is uniquely encoded to control access to the area where it is needed and more importantly not needed. Some cards/devices can have custom magnetically programmed information that will allow the user to swipe their card if need be.

HID offers a wide range of secure access devices. They have key fob devices the 1346 ProxKey III that can be attached to a key ring. They make a tag with an adhesive backing, the 1391 MicroProx Tag, this allows users to place the tag on an existing ID Card. The 1386 ISOProx II card offers proximity technology with photo identification capability on a single card. The 1326 ProxCard II is a traditional proximity card. The DuoProx II card combines multiple technologies: proximity, magnetic stripe and photo identification technologies on a single access control card.

The cards can be programmed, customized and sent to you by an authorized reseller. If you have a need to produce your own proximity devices you can purchase an ID Card Printer that is designed to do card encoding, magnetic stripe encoding and print vivid images on the card to allow pictures or any pertinent information to be printed directly onto the card.

For more or to purchase an HID Proximity Device visit us at idstore.tapeandmedia.com

Check out Fargo’s DTC4000 ID Card Printer

The Fargo DTC 4000 is the ideal printer for organizations who need a flexible, easy and reliable way to color, personalize and encode technology cards. The Fargo DTC4000 is designed for medium-sized business, schools and local government institutions that need a professional and secure printer/encoder system.

The DTC 4000 is scalable to be able to fit your needs for printable, encodable ID cards requirements with these optional field-upgradable modules: The Dual-sided printing module, provides more space for card holder information and security features like duplicate photo and digital-signature, The Optional same-side input/output card hopper and movable SmartScreen™ graphical display helps fit the printer into the tightest spaces. You can increase it’s capacity with a dual-input card hopper, holding 200 cards for higher capacity printing and encoding. The DTC4000 has optional Ethernet connectivity for remote printer sharing. It also has technology encoding modules that encode data for magnetic stripe, proximity, contact and/or contactless technology cards, such as iCLASS®, for access control or other applications.

The Fargo DTC 4000 has versatility with simplicity that allows you to print with ease! The SmartScreen™ graphical display provides easy-to-follow instructions so you know the status of the printer. The erase and rewrite eco-friendly feature makes the DTC4000 ideal for temporary ID cards.

The DTC4000 is the industry’s first inline card printing and technology card encoding with one connection using USB or optional Ethernet connectivity. It is compatible with Asure ID® card personalization software for badge design, database management and technology card encoding. The DTC4000 is built with Genuine HID™ technology and is fully compatible with other products in the HID family of products

The DTC 4000 has a changeable footprint design. It is ideal for office environments where space is an issue. It is easy to set-up, loading and printing with an all-in-one print ribbon and card cleaning cartridge and SmartScreen™ graphical display. Designed to migrate from lower to higher security levels, the DTC4000 offers standard printer password protection as well as fluorescent panel printing for a cost-effective and dynamic increase in card security.

Learn more about the Fargo DTC4000 at idstore.tapeandmedia.com

HID Global Launches New Line Of Fargo Direct-To-Card Printer/Encoders

New printers offer ease of use, reliability and versatility for organizations of all sizes that require high-quality, personalized ID badges

HID Global, trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, recently introduced a new line of industry-leading direct-to-card (DTC) FARGO printer/encoders for organizations of all sizes that require personalized identity badges. The new product line, encompassing three new models designed to meet the needs of small organizations to global enterprises, provides the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of color printers for secure identity cards.

The line consists of the cost-effective DTC1000 entry-level printer for small organizations; the professional-level DTC4000 printer for small- to medium-size organizations with greater security and scalability requirements; and the advanced, DTC4500 professional printer for large corporations and government organizations with high-volume needs.

All three new printers were engineered to be extremely reliable and easy to use, with intuitive graphical interfaces and innovative features such as the industry’s first Swift ID embedded badging application and a single-port (USB or Ethernet) connection for advanced inline printing and encoding.

The modular design of the new DTC FARGO line also ensures that organizations can protect their investment by adding functionality as their needs grow. Depending on the printer model, options include technology card encoding (iCLASS, Mifare, DESFire), dual-sided printing, dual-input card hoppers, lamination capability and more.

Additional features of the new FARGO DTC printer/encoders include:

  • The capability to print and inline encode technology cards in one pass through one physical connection (USB or Ethernet) ideal for organizations needing a streamlined card issuance solution
  • Enhanced security features, including printer password protection, fluorescent printing for cost effective and dynamic security and multiple custom holographic overlaminate options for added card durability and security
  • Flexible footprint to fit a variety work-area configurations
  • A reliable and intuitive design that requires minimal maintenance and training, featuring cartridge ribbon loading, color status indicators and SmartScreen graphical displays similar to photocopy machines
  • Interoperability with Genuine HID technology guaranteeing compatibility with all HID solutions
  • 2 year global warranty

Based on previous generations of solid and extremely reliable design, the new printers are the first FARGO models to be introduced as part of the HID Global family.

“Our advanced generation FARGO printers offer flexibility and more importantly the quality and reliability that FARGO customers have come to trust, said Alan Fontanella, senior director of product marketing identity and access management, HID Global. We are proud to launch the new FARGO line under the HID Global portfolio. This enables customers to benefit from complete interoperability with other Genuine HID secure identity solutions as well as access to HID’s worldwide service and support network.”

All FARGO DTC printer/encoders are available immediately through HID Global’s worldwide network of distribution partners and system integrators.

About HID Global

HID Global is a trusted leader in solutions that deliver secure identity for millions of customers around the world. Recognized for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership, HID Global is the supplier of choice for OEMs, system integrators and application developers serving a variety of markets, including physical and logical access control, card personalization, eGovernment, cashless payment and industry and logistics. Headquartered in Irvine, California, HID Global has over 1,500 employees worldwide and operates international offices that support more than 100 countries. HID Global is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

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