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Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

We are a supporter of the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording.  This is a newly formed non-profit museum that is dedicated to the  creation of a permanent home, open to the public, for the vintage recording collection of Theophilus/Phantom Productions, Inc.  This collection currently has more than 150 reel-to-reel tape recorders and hundreds of other items related to magnetic sound recording.

The museum is working on several projects in addition to preserving the vintage recording devices.  They include documenting the persons who invented and manufactured the recording devices and providing education about sound recording technology.  The museum  web site already has over 12,000 photos and documents about sound recording and more is being added daily.

To make this vintage recording museum viable, a significant goal of the museum is to incorporate other media collections in the areas of broadcast, film, music, publishing, photography, video games and video production, in order to make the museum a world class destination for Austin, Texas.

For more information visit www.museumofmagneticsoundrecording.org



Collector is a ‘Reel’ man

Kanex ATV Pro HDMI to VGA Adapter

Kanex ATV Pro HDMI to VGA Adapter

Want to connect your Apple TV to your projector, TV or monitor that does not have a HDMI port?  The Kanex ATV Pro HDMI to VGA Adapter is just what you need.

This adapter converts the HDMI output to a mini D-sub 15-pin VGA port and 3.5mm stereo minijack audio connection.  This works for older projectors and sound systems.  It does not need a power plug free and supports up to 1080p.

Convert your HDMI signal from your AppleTV to VGA in order to work with a video projector, computer monitor, or other VGA input device.

More details are available at TapeandMedia.com.


Elmo TT-12 Document Camera

Elmo USA Announces the TT-12 Document Camera

On June 8, 2011 ELMO USA Corporation announced the release of the TT-12, a fifth generation model of their popular “Teacher’s Tool” line of document cameras. The ELMO TT-12 document camera is an all-inclusive document camera designed for teachers looking to incorporate 21st century classroom technology to create dynamic lessons that enhance learning, interaction, creativity and academic performance of students.

The ELMO TT-12
document camera
also has an enhanced 12x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom with auto/manual focus. It renders crisp, clear images up to 96x magnification. Bright and colorful images are captured through the ELMO TT-12’s 3.4 megapixel camera, and smooth, full-motion video is displayed at 30 frames per second.

Features and Benefits

  • 12x optical zoom, 8x digital zoom total of 96x zoom
  • Multi-directional camera neck
  • 30 frames per second real-time image
  • 3.4 MP CMOS Sensor
  • XGA, WXGA, SXGA, 720p and 1080p output resolution
  • New Image Mate software with audio and video recording
  • Ergonomically designed remote control
  • Direct interaction with the ELMO CRA-1 wireless tablet without computer
  • 5 years warranty by Elmo USA
  • Optional microscope attachment is available

ELMO’s TT-12 document camera will be available in September 2011 and comes with a five-year warranty.

AVerVision Document Cameras

We have several new AVerVision Document Cameras!  These are great for classroom use!  They are effecitve tools for any presentation.  They are easy to carry, set-up, and use.  Check out this “Fun” video to learn more about the AverVision 300AF+.


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