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LTO 6 Tapes

LTO Ultrium 6 Tapes are now Available

IBM, Quantum, HP, Sony, FujiFilm, TDK, Imation and Maxell have released their LTO 6 Tape. With capacity 2.5 TB and up to 6.25 TB (assuming a 2.5:1 compression), LTO Ultrium generation 6 provides data transfer speeds of up to 400 MB/s (assuming a 2.5:1 compression) and continues support of partitioning to enable functions like LTFS making tape easy to manage, encryption – helping to secure data, and WORM to address compliance needs.

As with previous generations, LTO-6 drives will provide backward compatibility with the ability to read and write LTO generation 5 cartridges and read LTO generation 4 cartridges, helping to preserve media investments and ease implementation.


  • Capacity 2.5TB and up to 6.25TB accumint 2.5:1 compression
  • LTFS – Linear Tape File System (LTFS) provides simple drag-and-drop capabilities for reliable and cost-effective “linear” tape. This technology has made locating and storing files simple and quick in a manner like using disk or a memory stick. It revolutionized large digital file tape management, delivering new applications for digital media storage across a broad array of industries.
  • Data transfer speed:  of 160MB/s native and up to 400 MB/s (assuming a 2.5:1 compression)
  • Security – Ultrium LTO 6 drives are the third generation to offer hardware-based 256-bit data encryption, providing the highest level of security without any loss of performance; WORM (Write Once Read Many) cartridges are also available.
  • Barium Ferrite – Some manufacturers are using Barium Ferrite in lieu of MP.  Tapes using BaFe have  higher coercvityand lower noise compared to older generations.

As with previous generations, LTO-6 drives will provide backward compatibility with the ability to read and write LTO generation 5 cartridges and read LTO generation 4 cartridges, helping to preserve media investments and ease implementation.

If you want to learn more, you can find information on our website:

  1. Sony LTO 6 Tape – LTX2500G
  2. IBM LTO 6 Tape – 00V7590
  3. HP LTO 6 Tape – C7976A
  4. Quantum LTO 6 Tape – MR-L6MQN-01
  5. TDK LTO 6 Tape – 62032
  6. Imation LTO 6 Tape – 29080
  7. FujiFilm LTO 6 Tape – 16310732
  8. Maxell LTO 6 Tape – 229558

RDX Cartridges and RD1000 Cartridges Are Now Available in Capacities Up to 1TB

Imation and Hewlett Packard have introduced 1TB Data Cartridges for RDX and RD1000 Removable Hard Disc Systems. RDX Removable Hard Disk Storage Systems are designed to streamline your data backup and ensure a high level of security. Its enterprise-class features provide value data protection of large IT data centers, so it can support your company as it grows.

RDX Removable Storage Systems are designed to protect your business’s valuable assets. The RDX cartridge is a rugged, removable disk cartridge with a docking station that backs up data just like a tape drive. It is the drives speed that makes it a smart replacement to 8mm, VXA and DLT tapes. The Imation RDX Storage System can back up greater than 125GB of data per hour, while allowing you to access files instantly. The RDX cartridge capacities range from 160GB to 1TB, making storage options extremely flexible. Never run out of storage space, simply add more removable cartridges as your data needs expand.

The RDX Removable Disk Backup System drag and drop file access makes backup as simple and convenient as the click of a mouse.

· Backup data at fast hard drive speeds (up to 125 GB/hr) and restore critical files in seconds instead of hours with random disk access.

· Flexibly meet your budget and capacity requirements with a choice of 160 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB removable disk cartridges. Scaling capacity is a simple matter of adding cartridges.

· Easily connect the USB docking station internally to a server or rack-mount kit or externally as a tabletop. Insert a removable disk cartridge into the docking station and the cartridge automatically appears as a letter drive in Windows Explorer with no extra steps or formatting.

Check out RDX Cartridges for more information!

LTO 5 Tape are HERE!!!!

The Tapeandmedia.com team is proud to bring you LTO 5 Tapes at Discount Prices!!!!

LTO 5 is the Tape Backup industries newest addition, it boasts an incredible 1.5 TB capacity almost double the LTO-4 capacity.  It is also fast with an uncompressed transfer rate of 140 MBps!!!  Data storgae and security is a high priority for a company of any size.

Tape is a low cost secure way to store ad manage your data archives.  Tapes are also portable, making them great for secure offsite back-up, offline backup, disaster recovery, data compliance and long-term archiving.
LTO-5 tape solutions can trim costs even further.  With hardware-based encryption, it can store up to 3 TB of data on a single cartridge in less than three hours.

All the major manufacturers are rolling out new tape library drives that utilize the latest in archiving and robotic technology.

Get your LTO-5 Tapes from Tapeandmedia.com

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