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LTFS: As Easy As Drag And Drop For LTO Tapes

LFTS-Logo from QuantumWhat is LTFS
Linear Tape File System (LTFS) allows you to use an LTO 5, LTO 6 or higher generation drive as if it were an external hard drive or USB drive.  This provides users with traditional advantages of tape (reliability, longevity, portability and low cost) with a familiar interface providing users faster and easier direct access to files on data tape.  LTFS is an open standard developed by IBM that is cross-platform compatible (Windows, Mac, Linux).  You can save your data or project to tape, send it to a co-worker, customer, editor and, as long as they have the hardware and LTFS software, they can read it.

Cost Effective
If you are regularly using external hard drives as long term storage, LTO using LTFS may be cost effective.  A high quality 1TB USB 3.0 external hard drive costs about $120, or $120/TB, while an LTO 6 tape with a capacity of 2.5TB costs $44 or less than $18/TB.  Keep in mind, with LTO and LTFS you need to purchase an LTO 6 drive for about $2360* so the break even point is about 25 1TB external hard drives.  Prices are as of October 2014.

HP LTO 6  External Dive and HP LTO 6 Tape

HP LTO 6 External Dive
and HP LTO 6 Tape

To take advantage of LTFS you need three things:

  • An LTO 5, LTO 6 or future generation LTO tape drive
  • Free LTFS Software installed on your computer that allows your operating system to work with LTO tapes written in the LTFS format.  This software can be downloaded from the manufacturer of your LTO tape drive. Follow these links to download free LTFS software:    IBM,  HP,  Quantum,  Tandberg,  Storage Tek, Imation
  • An LTO 5 or LTO 6 Tape Cartridge

With this, you can now use the LTO Tape Drive and Tape just like an external hard drive or USB drive.

  • Files and directories show up on desktop as a directory tree listing
  • Use drag-and-drop to move files to and from LTFS tape
  • Supports faster data interchange between end users and systems

Think of the possibilities

The media and entertainment industry is utilizing LTFS tape to store, share and archive raw and master content.  Note: IBM and FOX Networks received an Engineering Emmy Award in 2011 for using LTFS to improve the ability of media companies to capture, manage and exploit content in digital form.

Some other uses for LTFS and LTO Tapes

  • Healthcare for storing high resolution images such as medical X-Rays or scans
  • Security Surveillance and Video Storage
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Architectural drawings
  • Military: video backup and archive
  • Information archival for e-discovery purposes
LTFS Partition

LTFS Tape Partition
Source: Spectra Logic

Tape Partitioning
When you format an LTO tape for LTFS, the tape is split into two partitions:

  • One partition, the Index Partition (IP), is used to store information about the file structure, file names, file format, and other data elements that are indexed
  • The second partition, the Data Partition (DP), contains the actual files that are stored on the tape

When a tape is loaded into a tape drive, the complete file folder image is displayed. The file structure is pulled from the Index Partition, and the raw file content is accessed from the Data Partition.

Unlike a hard drive that has heads and electronics, an LTO tape is a simple spool of tape with no moving parts. The read/write technology is in the tape drive and not in the cartridge. This means that an LTO tape has a better chance of surviving a disaster than a hard drive.  Additionally, LTO tape has an archival life of 30 years under proper conditions. Therefore, information stored on an LTO tape has a far greater chance of survival than information on a hard drive.

* HP StoreEver LTO-6 Ultrium 6250 SAS External Tape Drive


Imation 1.5TB

Imation 1.5TB “Media Secure” RDX Cartridge

Imation RDX® MEDIA SECURE Cartridges

Powerful Data Security is now Remarkably Easy.  If you are dealing with sensitive or regulated data that you need to share and transport, safeguard it with Imation RDX® Media Secure — the world’s first removable hard disk drive with built-in encryption technology.

Imation RDX Media Secure is the world’s first removable hard disk drive with built-in AES-256 data encryption. Keeping your valuable data secure is now much easier, thanks to Imation RDX® Media Secure with CyberSafe™ Pro security technology. The world’s first removable hard disk drive with built-in AES-256 data encryption, RDX Media Secure brings an unprecedented combination of enterprise-class security and “set it and forget it” convenience to Windows-based computers equipped with direct-attach RDX docking stations.

Part No. Description
29110 Imation RDX Cartridge Media Secure, 1.5TB
28941 Imation RDX Cartridge Media Secure, 1TB
28947 Imation RDX Cartridge Media Secure, 500GB
28948 Imation RDX Cartridge Media Secure, 320GB

Features and Benefits include:

Foolproof Encryption

  • Simple, one-time software installation. “Set it and forget it” for automatic encryption of all data written to the RDX media

Infrastructure Integration Ease

  • Can be used with existing direct-attach RDX docking station (internal or external), no new hardware required
  • Application-agnostic, doesn’t require specific backup software
  • Maintains RDX standard compatibility; functions as standard RDX cartridge if client software not installed on host computer

Secure Data Shuttling

  • Encryption features help ensure safe delivery of data to remote offices or customers
  • Rugged, shock-resistant RDX cartridge helps protect against damage that can occur during transport
  • Cryptographic erase feature instantly erases the encryption key to render data unintelligible for easy disposal and repurposing

Imation CyberSafe™ Pro Security Technology
A unique blend of on-board security technologies that ensures the safety, privacy and control of your digital content.

  • Encryption: On-board FIPS 140-2, Level 1 Validated Certification #347, 562, 819
  • Cryptographic Erase: Instantly erases the encryption key to render data unintelligible
  • Authentication and Identity Management: Helps guard against spoofing and ensures only authorized users have access rights to company information

Purpose-built to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure, RDX Media Secure requires no new hardware and allows you to use any backup program you like. Simply set up your password and you’re done. Encryption software is installed on your Windows server or workstation so encryption automatically takes place in the background, you will never have to think about it again.

With RDX Media Secure, the powerful government-grade security technology (AES-256 encryption with FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Certification*) is tied to the media, not your backup application. This ensures that even files copied to RDX Media Secure cartridges for data shuttling are always encrypted.

Turtle Waterproof LTO/DLT/3592 Tape Storage Case

Waterproof Case for your LTO, DLT, 3592 or T10K Tapes

We at TapeandMedia have been offering Perm-A-Store Turtle Case products for over 10 years. These cases have always been a very reliable, durable and more importantly a secure way to carry and store your LTO Data Cartridges.  This 549 Waterproof Tape 50 case can hold 52 LTO Tapes, 40 DLT Tapes or 52 3592 or T10000 (T10K) tapes.

The good people at Perm-A-Store have come out with a very cool product recently that not only protects your valuable LTO tapes, it keeps them Waterproof! The Turtle Case 549 waterproof tape storage and transport case is ATA (Airline Transportation Association) certified, waterproof, airtight protective transport case.

Below are the specifications for the Turtle 549 Waterproof Tape 50 Case:

Product ID: 07-549001

Airtight, waterproof and ATA certified. Debris resistant foam with slots to hold 52-LTO tapes, 40-DLT tapes, 52-3592 tapes or 52-T10000 (T10K) tapes.

  •  Double padlockable
  •  Impact resistant,  Crushproof and  Stackable
  •  Automatic pressure relief valve
  •  100% Stainless Steel Hardware
  •  Powerclaw latching system
  •  Softgrip folding handle
  •  Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects from the manufacturer


Interior: 22.0″ x 18.0″ x 7.2″
Exterior: 25.1″ x 19.9″ x 8.8″
Weight: 10.6 lbs empty

Recommended accessories: TL5020 brass padlock (comes with 2 keys)……multiple locks may be keyed alike at no extra charge. Or choose a numbered plastic security seal (TSS500); minimum order is one bag of 50 seals.

Sony EDM2600C

Sony Increasing Prices on Magneto Optical Disk

We have learned that Sony is increasing prices on Sony Magneto Optical Disk by 10% on April 1st, 2013.  This price increase is due to lower demand and therefore higher per disk production cost.

Magneto Optical (MO) Disk are recorded using both an a magnetic field and an optical laser.  The laser heats up the disk and the magnetic field is changed when the spot heated by the laser is approximately 390 degrees F.  MO disk are used in a variety of storage and archival applications.  These include, large disk libraries, medical imaging , document filing and many other applications that require stable long term storage.    Sony offers both re-writable MO disk and WORM (write once read many) MO disk.

Sony 5.2GB Magneto Optical Disk - EDM-5200C

Sony 5.2GB Magneto Optical Disk – EDM-5200C

Magneto Optical disks are housed in protective removable cartridges.  Because changing the magnetic fields can only be changed at high temperatures, the data on the MO disk cannot be accidentally erased.   MO disk are capable of up to a million rewrites and data access times are less than 25ms – faster than CD-RWs and DVD-RAMs

Because the magnetic fields cannot be changed at normal temperatures, the data cannot be accidentally erased by random magnetic fields.  Additionally, unlike magnetic tape, hard drives and other magnetic media, the recording head never contacts the disk so there is no potential damage from a head crash or wear and tear on the disk surface.  Testing has shown MO disk to have an estimated archival life of greater than 50 years.

Current MO disk storage capacities range from 2.3 GB up to 9.1 GB,

RDX 1.5 TB Cartridge

1.5TB RDX Cartridges Now Available

Imation and Hewlett Packard have introduced 1.5 TB RDX Cartridges for RDX and RD1000 Removable Hard Disc Systems. RDX Removable Hard Disk Storage Systems are designed to streamline your data backup and ensure a high level of security. Its enterprise-class features provide value data protection of large IT data centers, so it can support your company as it grows.

The Imation 1.5TB RDX Cartridge part number is 29104 and the Quantum 1.5 TB RDX Cartridge part number is MR150-A01A are now available.  Both of these cartridges can store up to 3.0 TB of compressed data.

One of the advantages of RDX and RD1000 is the interchangeable, removable cartridges of various capacities.  Any RDX (or Dell RD1000) drive is capable of reading and writing to any size RDX cartridge.  This means you can use the cartridge with the capacity that best fits your needs.

Features and Benefits of RDX Technology

RDX 1.5 TB Cartridge

1.5TB RDX Cartridge
(RD1000 Compatible)

  • Archivability and Reliability Up to 30+ years
  • Forward and Backward Compatibility
    • Today’s drive/dock is compatible with all past and future cartridges
    • Today’s cartridges are compatible with all past and future drives/docks
  • Protected from drops of up to a meter
  • Drag-n-drop file transfers
  • Cartridge write protection
  • WORM capable (Write Once Read Many)


LTO Ultrium 6 Tape Logo

LTO 6 Tapes

LTO Ultrium 6 Tapes are now Available

IBM, Quantum, HP, Sony, FujiFilm, TDK, Imation and Maxell have released their LTO 6 Tape. With capacity 2.5 TB and up to 6.25 TB (assuming a 2.5:1 compression), LTO Ultrium generation 6 provides data transfer speeds of up to 400 MB/s (assuming a 2.5:1 compression) and continues support of partitioning to enable functions like LTFS making tape easy to manage, encryption – helping to secure data, and WORM to address compliance needs.

As with previous generations, LTO-6 drives will provide backward compatibility with the ability to read and write LTO generation 5 cartridges and read LTO generation 4 cartridges, helping to preserve media investments and ease implementation.


  • Capacity 2.5TB and up to 6.25TB accumint 2.5:1 compression
  • LTFS – Linear Tape File System (LTFS) provides simple drag-and-drop capabilities for reliable and cost-effective “linear” tape. This technology has made locating and storing files simple and quick in a manner like using disk or a memory stick. It revolutionized large digital file tape management, delivering new applications for digital media storage across a broad array of industries.
  • Data transfer speed:  of 160MB/s native and up to 400 MB/s (assuming a 2.5:1 compression)
  • Security – Ultrium LTO 6 drives are the third generation to offer hardware-based 256-bit data encryption, providing the highest level of security without any loss of performance; WORM (Write Once Read Many) cartridges are also available.
  • Barium Ferrite – Some manufacturers are using Barium Ferrite in lieu of MP.  Tapes using BaFe have  higher coercvityand lower noise compared to older generations.

As with previous generations, LTO-6 drives will provide backward compatibility with the ability to read and write LTO generation 5 cartridges and read LTO generation 4 cartridges, helping to preserve media investments and ease implementation.

If you want to learn more, you can find information on our website:

  1. Sony LTO 6 Tape – LTX2500G
  2. IBM LTO 6 Tape – 00V7590
  3. HP LTO 6 Tape – C7976A
  4. Quantum LTO 6 Tape – MR-L6MQN-01
  5. TDK LTO 6 Tape – 62032
  6. Imation LTO 6 Tape – 29080
  7. FujiFilm LTO 6 Tape – 16310732
  8. Maxell LTO 6 Tape – 229558

Save on Imation 750 GB RDX Backup System

Need a new backup system for your computer or server?  RDX may be the solution. RDX is a fast, simple, reliable and affordable disk-based data protection system that satisfies the backup and archive needs of today’s fast-paced businesses.  We have an Imation RDX 750GB bundle at a spectacular price (available while supplies last).  You get an Imation External USB 2.0 RDX Burner and 1 Imation 750 GB Cartridge for only $149.99.  This is less than the cartridge alone would usually cost.  Another option is the Imation RDX 2-750GB System.  With this system you get and Imation External USB 2.0 RDX Drive and two (2) Imation 750GB RDX Cartridges for only $233.99RDX Advantages:

  • Rugged, 2.5″ mobile SATA hard disk drive
  • Fully Compatible with Dell RD1000 Removable Disc Systems
  • Shock protection from drops up to 1 meter
  • Forward and backward compatible to all RDX systems
  • Compact design – Cartridge Size 0.9″ x 3.4″ x 4.7″
  • Reliable for a minimum of 5,000 load/unload cycles
  • 3 year limited warranty by Imation

RDX Cartridges and RD1000 Cartridges Are Now Available in Capacities Up to 1TB

Imation and Hewlett Packard have introduced 1TB Data Cartridges for RDX and RD1000 Removable Hard Disc Systems. RDX Removable Hard Disk Storage Systems are designed to streamline your data backup and ensure a high level of security. Its enterprise-class features provide value data protection of large IT data centers, so it can support your company as it grows.

RDX Removable Storage Systems are designed to protect your business’s valuable assets. The RDX cartridge is a rugged, removable disk cartridge with a docking station that backs up data just like a tape drive. It is the drives speed that makes it a smart replacement to 8mm, VXA and DLT tapes. The Imation RDX Storage System can back up greater than 125GB of data per hour, while allowing you to access files instantly. The RDX cartridge capacities range from 160GB to 1TB, making storage options extremely flexible. Never run out of storage space, simply add more removable cartridges as your data needs expand.

The RDX Removable Disk Backup System drag and drop file access makes backup as simple and convenient as the click of a mouse.

· Backup data at fast hard drive speeds (up to 125 GB/hr) and restore critical files in seconds instead of hours with random disk access.

· Flexibly meet your budget and capacity requirements with a choice of 160 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB removable disk cartridges. Scaling capacity is a simple matter of adding cartridges.

· Easily connect the USB docking station internally to a server or rack-mount kit or externally as a tabletop. Insert a removable disk cartridge into the docking station and the cartridge automatically appears as a letter drive in Windows Explorer with no extra steps or formatting.

Check out RDX Cartridges for more information!

Are You Prepared if your Hard Drive fails?

Tips to Help Secure Your Data
Imagine you wake up and go check your e-mail in the morning only to find that your computer has stopped working. Your hard drive has failed; you don’t have any backup system in place. All of your personal files, from tax returns to pictures of your loved ones to family videos, are gone forever. This scenario plays out all too often, why not take a few simple steps to protect yourself and avoid this from ever happening to you!

To help avoid this headache, there are many options available to store your data and to keep it secure. We are going to talk about a few of the options available to consumers today that provide ease of mind regarding the protection of your valuable files.

CD/DVD – This is an effective solution to backup some of your most important files. Most PC’s come with a CD/DVD Burner and it is simple with today’s operating systems to burn a disc with your important files directly to a CD/DVD and keep them in a safe place. Simply insert a blank CD/DVD into your burner and copy and paste the files onto the media folder. All computers that come with DVD or CD burners have burning software preinstalled on the computer which may help the user set a specific time to backup their data, specify which files are to be burned and many other options that vary from program to program. Now when it comes the type of DVD or CD that you need the user must know , the difference between the two media options are; CD’s typically hold 700MB of data and DVD’s can hold 4.7GB of data. This is sizable difference in storage space for about the same cost per disc. There are many types of DVD’s and CD’s that come with different surfaces for example there are White Inkjet Printable DVD’s, Silver Inkjet printable DVD’s many more. The same applies for CD’s as they also come with different surfaces and finishes that each suits the needs of a specific user. One more thing that should be considered when purchasing a disc is the writing speed that the drive can handle. Most modern burners support burning speeds as follows; for most DVD’s discs can be burned at a maximum of 16x for CD’s, writing speeds can go up to 48x. The end user should however, check with their drives manual to see the adequate writing speeds for the type of content that they are burning. The disadvantage to using this method of back up is that the CD/DVD’s burn fairly slowly and are not always universally compatible. Also, depending on the amount of data you are backing up, you may need many CD/DVD’s.

External Hard Drives – Manufacturers like LaCie, G-Technology, and ClickFree offer a simple solution to your storage problems with external hard drives that are reasonably priced. These hard drives are peripheral devices for your computer that usually connect though a USB 2.0 cable and offer “Plug and Play” capability. Some of these offer some customization as to how the drive backs up your data; these options are accessible via proprietary software built into the drives themselves. These drives come in a wide variety of capacities. They offer simple and effective methods to ensure that if you do have a hard drive failure or data loss, your data can be recovered easily. In terms of the data capacity that these drives offer, the aforementioned manufacturers have disk drives that range from 250GB up to 1 TB of space. It is up to the end user to determine which drive and what capacity they may specifically need as the range of different drives vary tremendously. As mentioned above, USB 2.0 is the one of the most recognizable methods to connect any peripheral device to a computer. However when it comes to External Hard Drives there are many new methods to which a drive can connect to a computer. These include:

  • FireWire connectivity
  • USB Connectivity
  • Ethernet connectivity

These drives are also subject to mechanical failure and will need to be replaced as part of your data management plan.

Network Attached Storage Device (NAS) –LaCie, Hewlett Packard and other manufacturers have been offering these devices for situations where multiple users need to store and access the same data. These devices are less cumbersome than traditional servers and have been geared to support small businesses and for the Tech savvy home. Through your home network you can connect one of these devices like LaCie d2 Network 2 or Hewlett Packard Storage Works Data Vault, where you can partition the drive and create a file server from which everyone who needs access to the data has it available to them. These devices are now wirelessly accessible and some offer the ability to store your data securely on the web to allow user total remote access to items stored on the drive. These, like traditional external hard drives, also have proprietary software that allows you to instruct the device to store your data at your convenience. These devices have become much less bulky recently. For using network attached storage it is still recommended that you have another set of back-up tapes/discs offsite so if something were to happen to the facility/home you have them in you could still recover your data.

Tape Drives – Tape Drives are a tried and true way to backup you data. They make backing up your files an easy to do automated task. You are only required to change the tape in the drive and store them securely to prevent loss from a catastrophe. Tapes have much larger capacities than CD/DVD’s; some drives offer as much as 3 TB of data with the compression feature. Most tape drives work with Windows Backup and the ones that don’t come with software that allow you to customize your backups.

Online Backup Service – Cloud services are now available to back-up your data on an off-site service. There are many of these available; Carbonite.com, Mozy, and HP Upline. They all offer essentially the same service. These programs use a software program that compresses the files then using a secure encryption transmits the files you to select and saves them on an off-site server. This is a very effective way to secure your data; most of the software packages allow you to schedule routine backups. The system does require a monthly fee to store your data and depending on the amount of data you are trying to store and the transfer times can often be slow. Online backup also requires an internet connection to use, so if you have to do a system restore but do not have any connectivity you are out of luck. Online storage services are a relatively new business and if the company you chose to store your data with goes out of business you might lose your backup. There are also some questions of privacy. You trust your data to a 3rd party that is subject to Cyber-Attack; you might have to deal with your data being stolen at some point. They also have limited capacities so if you are trying to store a large amount of data your cost will increase rapidly.

It is important to save your data and keep you personal information well protected as we vault into the digital age. If you back up your data properly, you’ll ensure that your business and personal files will never be lost.

LTO 5 Tape are HERE!!!!

The Tapeandmedia.com team is proud to bring you LTO 5 Tapes at Discount Prices!!!!

LTO 5 is the Tape Backup industries newest addition, it boasts an incredible 1.5 TB capacity almost double the LTO-4 capacity.  It is also fast with an uncompressed transfer rate of 140 MBps!!!  Data storgae and security is a high priority for a company of any size.

Tape is a low cost secure way to store ad manage your data archives.  Tapes are also portable, making them great for secure offsite back-up, offline backup, disaster recovery, data compliance and long-term archiving.
LTO-5 tape solutions can trim costs even further.  With hardware-based encryption, it can store up to 3 TB of data on a single cartridge in less than three hours.

All the major manufacturers are rolling out new tape library drives that utilize the latest in archiving and robotic technology.

Get your LTO-5 Tapes from Tapeandmedia.com

Tapeandmeida.com LTO-5 Page Link

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