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Imation 1.5TB

Imation 1.5TB “Media Secure” RDX Cartridge

Imation RDX® MEDIA SECURE Cartridges

Powerful Data Security is now Remarkably Easy.  If you are dealing with sensitive or regulated data that you need to share and transport, safeguard it with Imation RDX® Media Secure — the world’s first removable hard disk drive with built-in encryption technology.

Imation RDX Media Secure is the world’s first removable hard disk drive with built-in AES-256 data encryption. Keeping your valuable data secure is now much easier, thanks to Imation RDX® Media Secure with CyberSafe™ Pro security technology. The world’s first removable hard disk drive with built-in AES-256 data encryption, RDX Media Secure brings an unprecedented combination of enterprise-class security and “set it and forget it” convenience to Windows-based computers equipped with direct-attach RDX docking stations.

Part No. Description
29110 Imation RDX Cartridge Media Secure, 1.5TB
28941 Imation RDX Cartridge Media Secure, 1TB
28947 Imation RDX Cartridge Media Secure, 500GB
28948 Imation RDX Cartridge Media Secure, 320GB

Features and Benefits include:

Foolproof Encryption

  • Simple, one-time software installation. “Set it and forget it” for automatic encryption of all data written to the RDX media

Infrastructure Integration Ease

  • Can be used with existing direct-attach RDX docking station (internal or external), no new hardware required
  • Application-agnostic, doesn’t require specific backup software
  • Maintains RDX standard compatibility; functions as standard RDX cartridge if client software not installed on host computer

Secure Data Shuttling

  • Encryption features help ensure safe delivery of data to remote offices or customers
  • Rugged, shock-resistant RDX cartridge helps protect against damage that can occur during transport
  • Cryptographic erase feature instantly erases the encryption key to render data unintelligible for easy disposal and repurposing

Imation CyberSafe™ Pro Security Technology
A unique blend of on-board security technologies that ensures the safety, privacy and control of your digital content.

  • Encryption: On-board FIPS 140-2, Level 1 Validated Certification #347, 562, 819
  • Cryptographic Erase: Instantly erases the encryption key to render data unintelligible
  • Authentication and Identity Management: Helps guard against spoofing and ensures only authorized users have access rights to company information

Purpose-built to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure, RDX Media Secure requires no new hardware and allows you to use any backup program you like. Simply set up your password and you’re done. Encryption software is installed on your Windows server or workstation so encryption automatically takes place in the background, you will never have to think about it again.

With RDX Media Secure, the powerful government-grade security technology (AES-256 encryption with FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Certification*) is tied to the media, not your backup application. This ensures that even files copied to RDX Media Secure cartridges for data shuttling are always encrypted.

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