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RDX 1.5 TB Cartridge

1.5TB RDX Cartridges Now Available

Imation and Hewlett Packard have introduced 1.5 TB RDX Cartridges for RDX and RD1000 Removable Hard Disc Systems. RDX Removable Hard Disk Storage Systems are designed to streamline your data backup and ensure a high level of security. Its enterprise-class features provide value data protection of large IT data centers, so it can support your company as it grows.

The Imation 1.5TB RDX Cartridge part number is 29104 and the Quantum 1.5 TB RDX Cartridge part number is MR150-A01A are now available.  Both of these cartridges can store up to 3.0 TB of compressed data.

One of the advantages of RDX and RD1000 is the interchangeable, removable cartridges of various capacities.  Any RDX (or Dell RD1000) drive is capable of reading and writing to any size RDX cartridge.  This means you can use the cartridge with the capacity that best fits your needs.

Features and Benefits of RDX Technology

RDX 1.5 TB Cartridge

1.5TB RDX Cartridge
(RD1000 Compatible)

  • Archivability and Reliability Up to 30+ years
  • Forward and Backward Compatibility
    • Today’s drive/dock is compatible with all past and future cartridges
    • Today’s cartridges are compatible with all past and future drives/docks
  • Protected from drops of up to a meter
  • Drag-n-drop file transfers
  • Cartridge write protection
  • WORM capable (Write Once Read Many)


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