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Lexmark Color Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

We now stock Lexmark toner for the Lexmark C522, C524, C53x series of Color Laser Printers. These printers from Lexmark use 3 toner cartridges and one black cartridge.

The cartridges are as follows:

  • C5220KS – Black Toner cartridge that yields an average of 4,000 pages*
  • C5220CS – Cyan Toner cartridge that yields an average of 3,000 pages*
  • C5220MS – Magenta Toner cartridge that yields an average of 3,000 pages*
  • C5220YS – Yellow Toner cartridge that yields an average of 3,000 pages*

These Lexmark toner cartridges are compatible with Lexmark C522 Series, C524 Series, C530dn, C532 Series, C534 Series Laser Printers. This includes the following Lexmark Color Laser Printers:

C522, C522N, C530DN, C524, C524N, C524TN, C530, C530N, C520DN, C532, C532N, C532DN, C534, C534N, C534DTN, and C534DN

These cartridges are part of the Lexmark Return Program.  Lexmark Return Program cartridges are patented print cartridges sold at a discount in exchange for the customer’s agreement to the license requirement that the cartridges will be used only once and returned only to Lexmark for remanufacturing or recycling. These patented cartridges are licensed for single use only and will stop working after delivering a fixed amount of ink and/or toner. Ink and/or toner may remain in the cartridge when replacement is required. Replacement cartridges sold without these restrictions are also available.

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